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What is the EDUGameBox project?

The EDUGameBox project was prepared and implemented by Partners from Poland (New Motivations and the Foundation for Education Development and Innovation) from the Czech Republic (Institut INPRO) and Romania (AESD – Asociatia pentru Educatie si Dezvoltare Durabilă).

The main objective of the project is to provide educators with support through access to modern solutions that activate and enhance development processes, and thus increase the efficiency of adult education through the opportunity to use people designing development activities from a set of training games with a set of materials and precise instructions for their implementation.

Detailed objectives:

  • creating an online space, accessible to all educators, allowing to download tools and use them, especially in situations when groups of learners do not have the resources needed to take advantage of commercial solutions available on the market.
  • facilitating the use of non-formal education for adults from smaller towns, rural areas, as well as encouraging and eliminating social and distance barriers in adults with fewer opportunities and lower skills, encouraging educators to share their solutions and provide them with a basic base that they will be able to develop together, as well as use publicly available inspirations that will affect the attractiveness and effectiveness of the educational activities proposed by them.
  • minimizing barriers to the availability of resources based on gamification
  • enrichment of educational programs with new tools resulting from the work of a team of experienced educators, technicians, HR and training market experts.

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